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NeoOffice im Mac App Store

NeoOffice 2015.4 ist die Version von NeoOffice in Apples Mac App Store. Wenn Sie Probleme oder Fragen haben, empfehlen wir, dass Sie die Schritte in der NeoOffice Support Seite verwenden, um nach Antworten zu suchen.

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NeoOffice NeoOffice 2015.4 InstallationsordnerWo ist NeoOffice 2015.4 installiert?

Apples App Store installiert NeoOffice in einem der folgenden Ordner:

  • In dem Applications Ordner
  • In dem Applications / NeoOffice Ordner, wie in dem Bildschirmfoto gezeigt

Welche Änderungen wird NeoOffice Classic Edition Benutzer in NeoOffice 2015.4 sehen?

NeoOffice Classic Edition Benutzer haben nicht zu müssen auf NeoOffice 2015.4 aktualisieren
Installieren Sie NeoOffice 2015.4 Classic Edition, um dieselben Funktionen wie NeoOffice 2015.4 zu bekommen

Base Benutzer: Wenn Sie Base verwenden, empfehlen wir Ihnen, dass Sie NeoOffice 2015.4 Classic Edition verwenden
Die Base funktionen in NeoOffice 2015.4 sind viel begrenzter als in NeoOffice 2015.4 Classic Edition

Programme in Apples Mac App Store müssen mehrere Sicherheitsanforderungen umzusetzen. Aufgrund der Apples Sicherheitsanforderungen, wird NeoOffice Classic Edition Benutzer die folgenden Unterschiede in NeoOffice 2015.4 zu sehen:

Below are more details about each of these changes:

  • App Sandbox native Öffnen dialogUses Apple's App Sandbox

    Applications that use Apple's App Sandbox are not allowed to open any of the user's folders or files without explicit permission from the user. So, when NeoOffice 2015.4 tries to open one of the user's files, NeoOffice 2015.4 will display a native Öffnen dialog set to the file's folder. NeoOffice 2015.4 will only be able to open the file if the user presses the dialog's Öffnen button.

  • Features that require Java or Python removed

    Apple requires that applications in the Mac App Store not use Java. Also, neither Java nor Python support the folder and file security restrictions that Apple's App Sandbox imposes. Because of these Apple security restrictions, NeoOffice Classic Edition users will notice the following changes in NeoOffice 2015.4:

    • Tables in existing Base databases that use the HSQLDB format cannot be opened.
    • Reports in all existing Base databases cannot be opened.
    • JDBC drivers will not work. Only ODBC drivers can connect to database servers. To use MySQL's ODBC driver in NeoOffice 2015.4, please read this NeoWiki article.
    • Third party extensions that use Java or Python cannot be installed. Extensions that use OpenOffice Basic or native compiled code will continue to work.
    • Several menu items in NeoOffice's File > Wizards menu have been removed.
  • Will not overwrite NeoOffice Classic Edition

    NeoOffice 2015.4 can be installed on the same machine and will not interfere with NeoOffice Classic Edition. Wenn Sie bereits NeoOffice Classic Edition in dem Applications Ordner installiert, Apples App Store Programm installiert NeoOffice 2015.4 in einem neuen Applications / NeoOffice Ordner.

    Also, NeoOffice 2015.4 uses the following user preference files and folders to keep NeoOffice 2015.4 preferences separate from NeoOffice Classic Edition preferences:

    • User preferences folder (replace "~" with your Home folder):
    • Native preferences domain name: org.neooffice.NeoOfficeSecureEdition
  • Update check feature removed

    Apple's Mac App Store has its own update check so NeoOffice's internal update check has been removed from NeoOffice 2015.4.