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Building NeoOffice is not for the impatient or for those who are not comfortable using Unix build and debugging tools like cvs, make, gcc, and gdb. This is largely due to the fact the NeoOffice build is very dependent on the OpenOffice build. So, if you find the OpenOffice build too complex or irritating, you will find the NeoOffice build equally complex and irritating.

A side affect of the above is that if, for some reason, you cannot get NeoOffice to build, you are on your own. There are way too many things that can break the build ranging from changes in the OpenOffice code to using a new version of Apple's developer tools.


  • NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition can only be built on macOS Sierra.
    NeoOffice 2015.12 can only be built on OS X Mountain Lion.
    NeoOffice 2015.12 Viewer can only be built on OS X Mountain Lion.
    NeoOffice 2015.12 Classic Edition can only be built on OS X Mountain Lion.
    NeoOffice 3.4.1 can only be built on OS X Snow Leopard.
  • The fastest machine you can find and a minimum of 1 GB of memory. A slow machine will work but you can't reduce the memory and you won't really be able to use a slow machine for anything else while you are building NeoOffice.
  • A minimum of 25 GB of free hard disk space for the source and build files and another 1.5 GB of free disk space for installing the build binary.
  • Lots of free time and/or patience. The build, if it doesn't break, can take up to 36 hours to finish even on a fairly fast machine.

Getting NeoOffice sources

First, create an empty directory in a volume that has the minimum free disk space. The instructions in this document will refer to this empty directory as $NEO_HOME.

You can get the NeoOffice sources by checking out the source from the NeoOffice CVS repository.

To checkout the source from the CVS repository, open a new Terminal in the Terminal application (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and execute the following commands:

  1. cd "$NEO_HOME"
  2. cvs -d login
  3. Enter the password anoncvs
  4. NeoOffice 2017 Beta Professional Edition: cvs -d co -r NeoOffice-2017_Beta NeoOffice
    NeoOffice 2015.12: cvs -d co -r NeoOffice-2015_12 NeoOffice
    NeoOffice 2015.12 Viewer: cvs -d co -r NeoOffice-2015_12_Viewer NeoOffice
    NeoOffice 2015.12 Classic Edition: cvs -d co -r NeoOffice-2015_12_Classic_Edition NeoOffice
    NeoOffice 3.4.1: cvs -d co -r NeoOffice-3_4_1-28 NeoOffice

Building NeoOffice

After you get the source code, you will need to take some steps to setup a build properly. The required steps are listed in the "$NEO_HOME/README.txt" file. You must follow all of the required steps before you start building NeoOffice.

Once you have followed all of the required steps, run the build by opening a new Terminal and executing the following commands:

  1. cd "$NEO_HOME/neojava"
  2. make all

Important: make will check out and build the OpenOffice sources. Not only will this take quite a long time (between 24 and 36 hours), but it may fail if OpenOffice goes down or you lose your internet connection.

Installing NeoOffice binaries

If the build was successful, you should find the following files: $NEO_HOME/neojava/install*/*.dmg.