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I am having problems. How can I get help?

Viewing our site is free and, in most cases, the fastest way to find an answer for a problem is to enter a short description of the problem in the text box at the top of this page and press the Search button next to it. If any users have had the same problem as you, searching our site may give you an immediate answer for the problem.

If you cannot find an answer by searching our site, the next fastest way to find an answer is to enter OpenOffice and a short description of the problem in Google or your favorite search engine. Since NeoOffice is based on the OpenOffice office suite, searching for the same problem in OpenOffice may also give you an immediate answer.

NeoOffice 2013.3 users: If you downloaded Neooffice from the Mac App Store, we recommend that you read the NeoOffice in the Mac App Store page.

Direct support from the NeoOffice engineers

Unfortunately, we are no longer selling direct support from the NeoOffice engineers to new users. The NeoOffice engineers can only provide this service to a small number of users. To avoid overselling this service, we have disabled the purchase of this service.

I found a bug in NeoOffice. Will it ever be fixed?

Unfortunately, our very limited funds only provide enough funding for one engineer. This limits the current scope of the NeoOffice project to keeping a stable version of OpenOffice running on Mac OS X. Because of these limits, fixing OpenOffice feature bugs is outside that scope.

Since stability is one of our most important goals, we will attempt to fix any critical crashing and hanging bugs even if they are caused by NeoOffice's underlying OpenOffice code. If you qualify for NeoOffice support and you find a crashing or hanging bug, obtain a crash log or sample using the steps in this NeoWiki article, post a description of the bug in the NeoOffice Support forum, and attach the crash log or sample to your post using the instructions in this forum post.

How can I get notified of patch and release announcements?

If you want to receive announcements whenever a patch or new release of NeoOffice is available, we recommend that you use one of the following options: