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Important: You may not be able to download or install NeoOffice. You can only install NeoOffice on a Mac OS X machine and your web browser does not appear to be running on a Mac OS X machine.

The NeoOffice-3.3-Language_Pack_French-Intel.dmg file should start downloading automatically

Installation of the language pack is the same as the NeoOffice installation instructions. Also, the language pack installer will check if you have already installed NeoOffice 3.3 or higher.

Please note that installing a language pack will not add spellchecking support for a language. To add spellchecking support for a language, launch NeoOffice and select the Tools :: Language :: More Dictionaries Online... menu.

If downloading does not start within 10 seconds, click on one of the download sites.

Open failure dialogIf Mac OS X gives you an error when you try to open a downloaded file, most likely your network connection to our server got cut off before the download was finished. If this happens to you and you are directly connected to the internet, we recommend that you use cURL - a resumable download tool - to complete your download.