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If Mac OS X gives you an error when you try to open a downloaded file, most likely your network connection to our server got cut off before the download was finished. If this happens to you and you are directly connected to the internet, we recommend that you use cURL - a resumable download tool - to complete your download.

To use cURL, open the Terminal application (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) in the Finder. Then, copy and paste all of the following commands into the Terminal window and press the return key:

cd ~/Desktop ; /usr/bin/curl -L -f -b ~/ \
-c ~/ -C - -o 'NeoOffice-3.3-Language_Pack_Dutch-Intel.dmg' \

This command will download the NeoOffice-3.3-Language_Pack_Dutch-Intel.dmg file to your Desktop folder. If the download gets cut off or cURL prints an error, just execute the same command again and cURL will continue downloading where it left off.