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NeoOffice® 3.2 for Mac OS X Released


SANTA CLARA, CA - 19 April 2011 - is pleased to announce the release of NeoOffice 3.2. NeoOffice 3.2 can be downloaded by all NeoOffice donors who have donated US$10 (or €7 or £6 or CA$10 or AU$10 or ¥834) or more within the last year from the NeoOffice download page.

For those who want to download a free version of NeoOffice, no donation is required to download our older NeoOffice 3.1.2 version.

NeoOffice 3.2 adds new Mac OS X features such as:

The NeoOffice project is funded entirely by donations from our users. The cost and time spent on NeoOffice is very large for Patrick and Ed - the Mac software engineers that have created all of the improvements in NeoOffice that are not in or LibreOffice. While many free software products such as and LibreOffice are funded by huge donations from large corporations such as Oracle and Novell, NeoOffice has no corporate sponsors. Without any corporate sponsors, Patrick and Ed must rely exclusively on donations from our users to continue implementing the latest Mac OS X features in NeoOffice.

If you have any support questions, a list of suggested steps for finding an answer for a problem as fast as possible is available on the NeoOffice Support page. Since most of our donations come from a small percentage of our users, we provide priority support to our most generous donors in our NeoOffice forums.

If you have any NeoOffice Mobile questions, please ask your question in the NeoOffice Mobile Support forum.

Special thanks also go to the following organizations and people:

Like, these organizations and people are dedicated to providing open source software as a public service to people throughout the world at minimal cost. Their generosity helps make applications like NeoOffice possible.


Since 2003, NeoOffice has been the leading open source office software created and supported by Mac software engineers specifically for Mac OS X and is used by over half a million people worldwide. is funded NeoOffice entirely by the time and money donated by our users. For more information, visit

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