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NeoOffice features included in LibreOffice 7.5

2023-02-04 Permalink

Since many NeoOffice users also use LibreOffice, we have reimplmented the following NeoOffice feature in LibreOffice 7.5:

  • Pressing and holding certain keys now displays the native macOS special characters popup window

Also, we have fixed several crashing and printing bugs in LibreOffice 7.5.

Java users: fix for failure to load Oracle JDK 19

2022-12-09 Permalink

NeoOffice 2022.5 Professional Edition will only load Oracle JDK 17 or older. Since JDK 19 is now Oracle's default version, we have fixed this bug so that NeoOffice can load JDK 19 or higher.

You do not need to wait until the next NeoOffice release to get the fix. You can get the fix now by downloading and installing the following patch:

Note: this bug only occurs in NeoOffice Professional Edition. The Mac App Store does not allow Java so there is no patch for the Mac App Store version of NeoOffice.

New website for news and announcements

2022-11-25 Permalink

For many years, we have posted news and announcements on our Developer notes and announcements website. Unfortunately, that website runs on very old software that has required significant changes every time a new version of PHP is released. So, we are archiving that website and all future news and announcements will be posted on our new NeoOffice News website.

An archive of the old website will remain online and you can continue to view our previous news and announcements using the following links:

We will also continue to post links to our posts on Twitter @NeoOffice.