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An old fork of LibreOffice

The NeoOffice project is no longer active
As a replacement, you may want to try LibreOffice

NeoOffice fixes and features added to LibreOffice

All versions of NeoOffice are based on very old versions of LibreOffice or OpenOffice. Since many NeoOffice users also use LibreOffice, we are slowly integrating NeoOffice's fixes and features into LibreOffice. Below is a list of all of the fixes and features that we have integrated so far:

Added in LibreOffice version Fix or feature added to LibreOffice
7.5.1 LibreOffice issue 147342: With Skia enabled, LibreOffice would incorrectly scale the contents of a window after moving it from a Retina display to a non-Retina display
7.5.0 LibreOffice issue 42437: LibreOffice would not display a special characters popup window when pressing and holding certain keys
7.5.0 LibreOffice issue 148453: LibreOffice would crash when the macOS virtual accessibility keyboard was displayed
7.5.0 LibreOffice issue 151700: LibreOffice would display a non-native print dialog when no printers were added in the System Preferences application
7.5.0 LibreOffice issue 152648: LibreOffice would hang when opening a new Calc document when VoiceOver was enabled
7.4.4 LibreOffice issue 146842: LibreOffice would only print empty pages when Skia was enabled
7.4.4 LibreOffice issue 82115: LibreOffice would crash when opening a combobox or listbox if there was uncommitted text in a Writer comment