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Download the latest bug fixes for NeoOffice 3.4.1

Users are continually testing NeoOffice and, as they find bugs, we fix them as fast as we can. Since a full NeoOffice release is a very large download, we post smaller "patch" installers that only install the NeoOffice files that we have fixed since the last release.

The patch includes all of the bug fixes in previous NeoOffice 3.4.1 patches.

Important: you must have NeoOffice 3.4.1 or higher installed to be able to install this patch.

Installation of the patch is the same as the NeoOffice installation instructions. Also, the patch installer will check if you have already installed NeoOffice 3.4.1 or higher.

The latest NeoOffice 3.4.1 patch is available from the following locations:

Patch Download Size
NeoOffice 3.4.1 Patch 28
Release notes
Download for OS X Snow Leopard - OS X Yosemite 38652916 bytes