Logiciel Mac pour documents textes, tableurs et les présentations

Foire Aux Questions

Qu'est-ce que NeoOffice ?

NeoOffice est une suite bureautique complète pour Mac OS X. Avec NeoOffice, les utilisateurs peuvent lire, créer et modifier des documents textes, feuilles de calcul et présentations. NeoOffice peut ouvrir des documents OpenOffice. NeoOffice peut aussi ouvrir la plupart des documents Microsoft Word, Excel et PowerPoint.

NeoOffice est extrêmement stable et des milliers d'utilisateurs utilisent quotidiennement. Les ingénieurs de NeoOffice ont crée NeoOffice en 2003 quand ils ont fait OpenOffice s'exécutent en mode natif sur Mac OS X pour la première fois.

Depuis lors, les ingénieurs de NeoOffice - Patrick Luby et Ed Peterlin - ont continuellement ajouté des améliorations à NeoOffice que les utilisateurs ne trouveront pas dans OpenOffice, comme :

NeoOffice n'est pas parfait. Quoique nous fassions le maximum pour que NeoOffice soit libre de bogues et de plantages, nos utilisateurs trouvent toujours de nouveaux bogues et de nouvelles situations qui plantent NeoOffice. Donc si vous pensez avoir besoin d'un logiciel qui a été largement testé, nous vous recommandons d'utiliser un produit commercial supporté comme Microsoft Office ou Apple iWork.

J'ai un problème. Comment puis-je obtenir de l'aide ?

Si vous rencontrez un problème, une liste d'étapes pour trouver la solution le plus rapidement possible est disponible sur la page Support de NeoOffice.

Is my payment data private?

We do not sell or share your e-mail address or any of your payment data.

If you make a payment using PayPal, we only store the payment's e-mail address, amount, and date. PayPal does not allow us access to any other data that you have given them so we neither see nor store any private PayPal user payment data such as credit card or bank account numbers.

If you make a payment using the Mac App Store, we do not store any payment data. Apple does not allow us access to any Mac App Store user payment data so we neither see nor store any Mac App Store private user payment.

Puis-je copier NeoOffice ?

Oui. Puisque NeoOffice est distribué sous la licence GNU GPL, vous pouvez le copier autant que vous voulez et le donner à qui vous voulez.

Comme le support aux utilisateurs monopolise la plus grande partie de nos fonds, il y a des restrictions quant à l'utilisation de la marque déposée NeoOffice. Aussi, si vous commercialisez vos propres compilations de NeoOffice, vous devez vous conformer aux distribution de CD et d'utilisation de la Marque NeoOffice.

NeoOffice is open source software. Aren't NeoOffice downloads required to be free?

No. Open source applies to the type of license used for the software's source code and NeoOffice's source code uses the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Selling download services for pre-built binaries is not a violation of the GPL. Apparently this misunderstanding of the GPL is so common GNU - the organization that wrote the GPL - clearly states that there is no such requirement in their GPL FAQ.

The GPL does require that anyone can access, modify, and redistribute source code and so, to ensure compliance with the GPL's source code requirements, we have always provided detailed instructions for accessing and building the NeoOffice source code are on the NeoOffice Build Instructions page.

The cost and time spent on NeoOffice is very large for Patrick and Ed - the Mac software engineers that have created all of the improvements in NeoOffice that are not in OpenOffice. While many free software products such as Firefox and Google Docs are funded by huge payments from large corporations, NeoOffice has no corporate sponsors. Without any corporate sponsors, Patrick and Ed must rely exclusively on payments from our users to continue implementing the latest Mac OS X features in NeoOffice.

Pourquoi utiliser la licence GPL totale ?

Using the full GPL ensures that anyone has the right to use our GPL source code and create a better product. Funding and operating the NeoOffice project has always been difficult for us so we chose the GPL to ensure that if we are unable to fund or develop what users need, anyone who has the applicable engineering skills can create their own GPL office suite using our source code without having to invest a massive amount of time to redo the work that we have already done.

Essentially, by using the GPL we are trying to make it is as easy as possible for anyone in the open source community to create their own open source office suite. Our hope is that the open source community will someday find our source code useful and will use our source code to create new open source products for Mac OS X users.

Where can I get the NeoOffice source code?

Instructions for accessing and building the NeoOffice source code are on the NeoOffice Build Instructions page.

Noter que si vous modifiez une quelconque partie du code, vous devez diffuser vos modifications sous la licence GPL. En d'autres termes, vous ne pouvez pas faire de modifications propriétaires à NeoOffice et nous appliquerons fermement les termes de la GPL contre quiconque ne diffuserait pas ses modifications sous la GPL.

Pourquoi NeoOffice est-il séparé de OpenOffice et LibreOffice?

The primary reason that we stay separate is that we believe that we have produced a more stable and better supported Mac OS X product than OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Developing the NeoOffice code and supporting our users have required a massive amount of our time. Since neither OpenOffice nor LibreOffice have ever offered to fund our work and none of us can afford to work full time as volunteers, working within the OpenOffice or LibreOffice projects is not a feasible option for us.

So instead, many years ago we took the risk of funding our work solely through payments from our users. While payments from our users have not always fully funded our work, so far payments from our users have provided us with enough funding to ensure that at least one engineer is devoting all of their time to the NeoOffice project.