Stable and secure office suite software for Mac OS X

NeoOffice is a complete office suite for Mac OS X. With NeoOffice, users can read, create, and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. NeoOffice can open OpenOffice documents and most Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

New in NeoOffice 2014.1 Free Edition

The NeoOffice engineers have implemented automatic grammar checking. NeoOffice will now automatically check for grammar errors in Writer documents using the Mac OS X grammar checker when spellchecking. NeoOffice users no longer need to install an OpenOffice grammar checking extension. An overview of this new feature is available in this NeoWiki article.

Download NeoOffice 2014.1 Free Edition for free

NeoOffice 2014.1 Free Edition is the version of NeoOffice that users can download for free. NeoOffice 2014.1 Free Edition has the same features as NeoOffice in Apple's Mac App Store. The only difference is that NeoOffice 2014.1 Free Edition cannot save documents.

Although NeoOffice 2014.1 Free Edition cannot save documents, users can open, edit, and print documents. So before you buy NeoOffice in the Mac App Store, try NeoOffice 2014.1 Free Edition to see if NeoOffice works for you.

Mac OS X features

Below is a list of some of the Mac OS X features requested by our users that are in NeoOffice but are not in OpenOffice:

  • Open Calc or Impress instead of Writer at launch

    NeoOffice :: Open at Launch menuThe NeoOffice :: Open at Launch menu allows you to choose which type of document to open when NeoOffice is launched. By default, NeoOffice opens a Writer document when launched. However, many of our users have requested that we provide an easy way to make a different document type such as Calc or Impress open when NeoOffice is launched so we have added the NeoOffice :: Open at Launch menu.

    When a user selects one of the document types listed in this menu, NeoOffice will open the selected document type the next time that you launch it. Also, users can select the "- None -" menu item to only show the Mac OS X menubar when NeoOffice is launched. The screen snapshot to the right shows the NeoOffice :: Open at Launch menu with Calc set as the document type to open at launch.

  • Gatekeeper

    NeoOffice installer certificateSigned installer iconIn Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple added a new feature called Gatekeeper that is designed to help prevent Mac users from installing malicious software on their machine. To ensure that NeoOffice will install and run on machines using Gatekeeper's default settings, the NeoOffice engineers digitally sign all NeoOffice installers and binary files so that Gatekeeper can verify that the NeoOffice engineers are registered Apple software developers. The NeoOffice engineers digitally sign NeoOffice using our legal corporate name - Planamesa Inc. - so only NeoOffice installers signed by Planamesa Inc. should be trusted.

  • Versions

    Browse All Versions menu in NeoOfficeIn Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple added a new feature called Versions that allows applications to save and restore previous versions of your document. Using this new feature, saving a document causes Mac OS X to keep a copy of your document before any changes are saved so that you can restore any of the previous versions of your document.

    The NeoOffice engineers have implemented this new Mac OS X feature and saving a file will automatically keep a copy of your document before any changes are saved. Also, by selecting NeoOffice's new "Browse All Versions" menu, you will be able to restore any of the previous versions of your document in Apple's document version browser.

  • Native Mac OS X text highlighting

    NeoOffice draws highlighted text the same as Apple's Safari and TextEdit applications. Recent versions of OpenOffice attempt to emulate native Mac OS X text highlighting by drawing a very light shade of the system highlight color on top of the highlighted text. However, many of our users have requested that we support full native Mac OS X text highlighting behavior in NeoOffice so we have rewritten the text highlighting code in NeoOffice's underlying OpenOffice code to draw highlighted text the same as Apple's various Mac OS X applications. The following screen snapshots show how NeoOffice's text highlighting behavior compares to OpenOffice's behavior:

    Text highlighting in NeoOffice
    Text highlighting in NeoOffice
    Text highlighting in OpenOffice
    Text highlighting in OpenOffice
  • Native file locking support for local and networked volumes

    OpenOffice stopped using native file locking and started using custom, non-native file locking code. Since most office suite applications use native file locking, their custom, non-native code caused frequent problems when users on different machines were editing the same file on a networked volume. We have restored native file locking in NeoOffice and now file locking should work the same as it did in NeoOffice 2.2.6.

  • Mac OS X Services support

    In NeoOffice, many of the menus within the NeoOffice :: Services menu will be enabled whenever you highlight data in your document. When you select any of the submenus in the NeoOffice :: Services menu, the highlighted data will be sent to the Mac OS X application that matches to the Services menu that you select. NeoOffice also supports Mac OS X services that change the highlighted data in your document.

  • Native floating tool windows

    In OpenOffice, many floating tool windows such as the Styles and Formatting and the Color windows look and behave like document windows. Also, other floating tool windows such as the Bullets and Numbering and the Table windows look and behave like Windows floating tool windows. But in NeoOffice, all floating tool windows in NeoOffice will be native floating tool windows. This means that they will look and behave like floating tool windows in most other Mac OS X applications. They will have the small window titlebar, all of the floating tool windows will float above the document windows, and when NeoOffice is not the active application, all of the floating tool windows will automatically be hidden until NeoOffice becomes the active application again.

  • Menus available when no documents are open

    OpenOffice has only a very minimal set of menu items available if no documents were open. But in NeoOffice, menus are available even when no documents are open. This feature allows users to access some of the frequently used menus such as the Recent Documents and NeoOffice Help menu items that previously were not accessible unless you opened a document first.

  • Command-clicking on window titlebar

    In most Mac OS X applications, whenever a previously saved document is opened, a small icon will appear in the window's titlebar. Command-clicking on this icon will display a popup menu that lists the file name and the folders that the file is in. Clicking on any of these items will open the Finder.