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Download NeoOffice

You can download NeoOffice from any of the following links:

Version Download Size
NeoOffice 3.4.1
List of new features
Download for Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.9 341598244 bytes

NeoOffice 3.3
Free download
Download for Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.8 216900570 bytes

After downloading NeoOffice, we recommend that you read the following links:

Not a NeoOffice user? Download NeoOffice from the Mac App Store

Important warnings for all NeoOffice users

Since NeoOffice is tested by users, we expect that users will find crashing or other serious bugs. We strongly recommend that you save your work frequently so that if you encounter a crashing bug, you will not lose much data. If you feel that you need software that has been heavily tested, we recommend that you use a commercially-supported product like Microsoft Office or Apple iWork.

Only install the versions of NeoOffice that are listed on this web site. Please do not install an unlisted version even if you downloaded it from this web site in the past. Using such unlisted versions is very risky as unlisted versions have bugs that we have fixed in the listed versions.

Install NeoOffice

Make sure that you read the important warnings for all users before you install NeoOffice.

To install, find the downloaded file in your Downloads folder or on your Desktop and double-click on the downloaded file. This should open a Finder window that contains the NeoOffice installer. Double-click on the NeoOffice installer and the NeoOffice installer should start.

By default, the installer will create an application called NeoOffice in the Applications folder. To launch NeoOffice, just double-click on the NeoOffice application icon in the Finder.

Install other languages

The NeoOffice 3.4.1 installer includes English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. The NeoOffice 3.3 installer includes English, French, German, and Italian. Language packs are available for several other languages.

To add support for any of the other languages not included in the installer, install NeoOffice and then download and install the language pack for your language. You can download NeoOffice language packs from any of the following links:

Uninstall NeoOffice

To uninstall, just drag the NeoOffice application from the Finder into the Mac OS X trash can.